Site Plan


Look at all the work we’ve done with our business friendly site plan to help your commercial or industrial business break ground right away in Gunnison County! All you have to do is choose a lot and clear the simple review process and then you’re free to build to suit your business needs!

Site plan

Rural Gunnison Industrial Park located at Vista Business Center site plan:

  • 12 Lots are available which range in size from 1.093 acres to 2.657 acres.
  • Lot 10 is priced at $3.30/SF, which is an amazing value based on local comps!
  • Lots 7-12 are intended for Light Industrial and allow for residential.
  • Lot 6 is Light Industrial with no residential.
  • Lots 1-5 are Heavy Industrial with no residential.
  • Grow houses are allowed on any of the lots, however, please check our covenants for further questions.  Moreover, the Covenants are available for review and site visits are available for lot layout and information.
  • Lot 8 is sold, lots 3 and 9 are reserved.

If you would like more information and specific details to see how we can grow and expand your business in this great Business Center located on Highway 50, 3 miles East of Gunnison please contact the developer or our real estate agent.

Vista Business Center planned a shovel ready experience for new industry and commercial business development; inclusive of modern infrastructure required for modern businesses and entrepreneurs to thrive. To that end, we offer a simple Architectural Review process after which it’s up to the entity to comply with the county’s building code. For your convenience, Vista Business Center has access to a variety of high-speed internet carriers for your selection, phone lines, and your choice of single phase and or three phase electrical to the lot line.  Additionally, we’ve been approved for well and septic to expedite your commercial/industrial building. In an effort to provide a return on your investment, land developers have installed water features, privacy berms, and a road system that can easily accommodate traffic as you need it to function with small and large vehicles, parking, and turnarounds!

Vista Business Center Site Plan Visat Business Center Commercial/ Industrial Site Plan